Francis is not the problem

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Francis waves

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   All are shocked, as I am, by Francis’ approval of adultery and sodomy. In so doing, he has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and has opened a whole new world for the Novus Ordo, a world that they cannot change.

   This bold and shameless violation of the natural law has caused a significant uptick in interest in sedevacantism. The reason is very simple. Continue reading


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[Previously published post, now available here]

   An objection has been made to my recent response to Bishop Williamson. It is an objection frequently made against sedevacantists. It objects that sedevacantists cannot criticize the SSPX for sifting the magisterium, since they themselves are sifting popes. By finding a discrepancy between pre-Vatican II magisterium and post-Vatican II magisterium, sedevacantists merely depose popes whom they find wanting in orthodoxy. But they have no authority to do so. So while sedevacantists object to “magisterium-sifting,” they themselves are involved in “pope-sifting,” which is the same thing. Continue reading

Anti-Modernist Reader


Dear fellow Catholics,

I draw your attention today to a project which is important for a better understanding of the Church’s struggle with the Modernist heresy since Vatican II.

True Restoration, which is the entity that has diffused throughout the entire world, through an internet radio show, a wealth of both information concerning our Faith and poignant critiques concerning the Modernists, wants to publish something called the Anti-Modernist Reader. Continue reading

On Ukraine

Déjà vu

Déjà vu

On August 4th, we observed the 100th anniversary of World War I, a war which mankind had never seen before and has not seen since.

Although World War II was more widespread and devastating, nonetheless World War I was more brutal and had much deeper consequences than World War II.

It is ironic that we find ourselves now, one hundred years later, in a situation very close to what it was in 1914. For the great powers of the world are lined up against one another because of a tiny conflict in a relatively small and weak country.

Here I do not wish to take a side in this internecine conflict in Ukraine. I simply want to point out a few inconsistencies.

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