Election Reflections

I think that we should rename our country “The United Banana Republics of America.”

I say this because what happened on November 3rd was the erosion of confidence in the electoral process. In a country like the United States, in which officials are democratically elected, public confidence in the integrity of the election is of the essence. Without it, the nation will fail. We will be in the hands of cheaters and fraudsters.

I believe that there is practical certitude of fraud in the election which took place on the third of this month. As more and more evidence emerges, I think that this is the only conclusion. There is a pungent stench of putrefaction, fraud, and corruption.

From my own observance, I noted that at about 10:00 P.M. on election night, a number of states stopped counting. They were Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. They were all tilting toward Trump at the time. The big question was: Why have they stopped counting? I never in my whole life saw an election night in which the counting stopped, and that even when counting was done manually or mechanically. All the counties stopped counting, even the rural ones, which are always the fastest to report.

It was as if word went out from some unknown source that they should stop. All of these states, with the exception of Georgia, are ruled by leftist governors. Consequently the persons supervising the elections are also leftists.

The delay in Georgia was due to some problem in Fulton County, which is super-liberal Atlanta.

Why did these states have counting problems? No other states had counting problems. I highly suspect that when it was very probable that Trump would take these states and be re-elected, the leftists panicked and set out to “find votes” in order to overturn Trump’s lead in those states. There is just too much coincidence here to think otherwise.

The leftists had been pushing for mail-in voting for months. Even President Carter, a Democrat (1976-1980), said that mail-in votes are the most susceptible to fraud. The supposed reason for the mail-in voting was because of Covid-19. While the leftists have no objections to mass gatherings of looters, burners, and murderers without masks, they had grave scruples that people at polling stations, although wearing masks and observing social distancing, might become infected with the Communist Chinese disease.

Then there is the fact that most, if not all, of the mail-in ballots were for Biden. Amazing! Then there is the fact that many thousands of ballots bore Biden’s name only, with no other votes on them. Just a coincidence.

Then there was the refusal to permit legally constituted Republican poll watchers to observe the counting. If you are doing nothing wrong, then why would you care about who is looking? Conversely, if you have something to hide, you naturally put up barriers. There was actually the case in one city of vote counters covering up windows lest anyone see what they were doing. In Philadelphia the vote counters defied a court order to permit the poll watchers in. It was reported to the sheriff, but he did nothing. Defying a court order is illegal, and means jail time. But it is only a piece of paper, and if law enforcement fails to enforce, then the country has some very serious problems.

Then there were the many stories before the election of mail-in ballots being lost or thrown into the trash. Then there were the stories of dead people voting. In Pennsylvania alone, there are 21,000 dead people registered to vote. Did they get ballots in the mail? Presumably so. Did “they” vote? Maybe.

Then there were the computer glitches in the same systems used in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota and in Maricopa County, Arizona. Aren’t computers supposed be smart? [1] They are as smart — and treacherous — as the people who program them.

For these reasons and others, I believe that there is practical certitude that the electoral system has been tampered with by leftists. I think that the evidence will eventually prove it.

However, the evidence may be difficult to obtain, given that the leftists resist transparency, and the states in question, except Georgia, are operated by leftists.

For this reason, I think that the President has an uphill battle in claiming his victory, which I do believe is already his.

What awaits us. Although I ardently hope that the President is successful in his challenge to the veracity of the results of this election, I have a dread of what awaits us should his attempt fail.

These are the horrors that we have to look forward to, if Biden should become our president:

• The fairly swift demise of Biden, owing to the progress of his dementia, giving way to Kamala Harris, a radical socialist who was unable even to survive in the Democrat primary race, the first to drop out.

• The promotion of all of the interests and goals of the killers of innocent babies, otherwise known as abortionists.

• The promotion of the interests and goals of those addicted to unnatural vice. There could even be a move to take away tax exemption from churches which refuse to do homosexual marriages.

• The weakening of our military, which took place under the Obama administration, leaving us wide open to aggression from China and perhaps an allied Russia.

• An open door policy to Communist China, a nation which closely resembles Nazi Germany, involving the passing of our military and other technical secrets, and the draining of American industry from this country, leaving us in a vulnerable condition strategically, and wrecking the
U.S. economy.

• The restriction or elimination of home-schooling and of choice of schools. • The defunding of police departments, replacing them with psychologists who will supposedly talk people out of shooting or raping someone.

• The denigration of police as fascists and as a menace to society.

• The coming to power of such persons as the climate maniac Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her positively insane Green New Deal, which proposes to take away our automobiles, our airplanes and our hamburgers, and which will cost untold trillions of dollars. [2]

• The promotion of the plan to take us off fossil fuels, so that we can become a place like third-world California, which has blackouts because of insufficient amounts of electricity generated by their bird-killing windmills.

• The promotion to power of the arm-flailing Beto O’Rourke, who is an anti-gun fanatic, and who has pledged to take away our guns.

• Socialized medicine, so that we can enjoy what other socialized countries have: waiting many weeks or months for operations. (I remember, when I was living in Michigan, Canadians would come to the United States, which was just across the river, in order to avoid the horrors of their socialized medicine).

• Draconian lockdowns because of Covid-19, thereby destroying small businesses, and ruining the remarkable recovery from the lockdown that we have seen recently. (Biden said he wants to get people to wear masks in their homes).

• The probable decline of the stock market, thereby diminishing the retirement plans of millions of people.

• Higher taxes.

• Higher gasoline prices.

• The destruction of the oil and gas business as well as that of coal mining.

• The reign of an unfettered Big Tech, which, together with the media, will indoctrinate the population with leftist ideas, and suppress anything contrary.

• The appointment of leftist judges to the Supreme Court and to other lower courts.

• The rise of the RINO’s, that is, feckless, spineless, and liberal Republicans who belong on the other side of the aisle.

• The return of the Republican party to its former stance of being merely a weak foil to the steamrolling agenda of the leftist ideology.

• The pouring into the United States of hordes of illegal aliens, among them many criminals, making a mockery of our immigration laws.

These are but some of the political horrors which we face. But the most depressing aspect of the whole affair is that the confidence in the electoral process has been eroded. This means that we will be subject to whoever knows how to cheat and lie the best. We will be like a third world country, where strong men emerge as leaders and are “elected” by a majority.

The decline and fall of the United States of America. By all indications, a Biden win will mean the end of our country as we know it. A country is not its land, but its people, together with their morality, their sound ideas, their common sense, their decency. If the bulk of the population loses these qualities, which are expressions of the natural law, then the nation has collapsed. It has become something else. It has had a revolution from within.

What is alarming is that Biden won — if we can believe the numbers — a majority, although slim, of the American electorate. This is a disaster. It is a disaster that the majority of American voters can vote for a man who is suffering from dementia, who is highly suspect of peddling influence to our enemies in return for money, who was caught on video tape offering a quid pro quo, that is, the withholding of money from Ukraine on the condition that they call off the dogs in regard to their investigation of Burisma. Yet the leftists launched a campaign to impeach President Trump, alleging that he committed a crime of a quid pro quo. Is there anything worse than the ugly odor of lying hypocrisy?

Yet, I think that most of the driving force behind the Biden votes was a hatred for Trump, and not so much for his personality, which grated on some, but far more for what he stood for: America first. It means that over half of the population wants to see the surrender of American sovereignty and independence to a globalist system.

So I say that, if President Trump does not prevail in winning this election, then America has fallen. Just as every great nation in history has had its rise and its fall, now it is time for America to fall. After 244 years, its days are over.

No nation falls in a day, however, or with one election. Just like a building which is not maintained, it falls apart little by little. It finally collapses. Ancient Rome, for example, fell politically in about 180 A.D., when the naming of Emperors ceased to be peaceful. Instead, it was the Praetorian Guard, the military elites, which would name them — and murder them — their choice of Emperor usually going to the highest bidder. Rome’s third century A.D. was political chaos.

Rome had lost its granitic stability from ages past, as well as the natural virtues of the citizens. Its wealth from its empire caused dissipation, softness, and immorality. Then in the early 300’s, Constantine moved the capital of the Empire to Constantinople (modern Istanbul), leaving Rome to become eventually prey to barbarians.

The causes of the downfall of the United States will be (1) the fact that its electoral processes are now compromised and doubtful; (2) at least half of the population is infected with leftist ideas; (3) it is a house deeply divided against itself.

If we can believe the figures of the popular vote, there is an approximate 50/50 split between two camps which hate each other politically. I do not see how these two camps can coexist in the same political house. The ideas which divide this country are far deeper and more powerful than in 1861, when the War Between the States broke out.

The United States a victim of its own principles. As I have said in other places, the theory of government of the United States was based on the thinking of radically leftist eighteenth-century philosophers, such as John Locke, Rousseau, Montesquieu and others. These men were either deists or atheists, and consequently rejected the Catholic teaching concerning original sin.

This radical new philosophy taught that man could perfect himself by his own natural powers, and was not in need of a Redeemer or His grace in order to stay on the right path.

Like all liberals, they held that when man is left to his own lights, he will follow the right path. He just needs to follow reason. The Catholic teaching is that although man, without grace, is capable of natural virtue, nonetheless, he cannot attain all the natural virtues without grace, nor can he persevere for a long time in virtue. He will eventually commit a mortal sin. This is proven by the fact that the human race, without the help of grace, fell into ignorance and barbarism.

Even civilized nations, such as Greece and Rome, although they achieved some truths and virtues, nonetheless fell into gross immorality, superstition, and cruelty.

These eighteenth-century philosophers also taught that liberty was the highest good of man.

The liberty of man, according to Catholic teaching merely means that man elects to do the good without being necessitated to it. He sees the reason why the end is good, and he elects to do the good. Liberty is made by God for the free election of the good.

The Catholic Church teaches that man’s ability to choose evil is a defect of his liberty, since man’s will is not made to choose evil but good.

Hence human liberty is subject to law: the eternal law of God, the natural law, the laws of the Church, the laws of individual nations. Law is not incompatible with liberty, since your will always remains free when it elects to obey the law. It is nonetheless bound to obey the law, because the law prescribes the good.

But the notion of liberty in the eighteenth-century radical thinking is what St. Augustine calls the liberty of perdition. This means the liberty to do whatever you please. No external law can really bind you. Law is merely a necessary evil which we reluctantly consent to in order to keep general order and peace.

This liberty of perdition is what animated the three “cherished” liberties of the Bill of Rights: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. America is being fatally bitten by these so-called liberties.

Speech and the press are made for speaking the truth. Consequently, it is the duty of the government to assure that speech which is subversive of good morals or of the government itself should be repressed. The same is true of the printed word, in which we also place the media, including the social media.

Because of freedom of religion for its citizens, however, the government in the United States is free from religion. This means that, because of its refusal to officially recognize any religion, there is no guiding moral principle from religion to determine what is good or evil in speech or in the press. Hence, when it comes to these matters, the United States government can only reply, with Pilate: “What is truth?”

The government is therefore duty-bound, because of its commitment to the liberty of perdition, to permit any kind of speech and any kind of press, even if subversive of morals or of the government. It cannot regulate what is taught in schools and universities. It cannot outlaw subversive political organizations, such as communists.

Leftists understand that freedom of speech and of the press are absurd. This is why leftist hordes beat up people who disagree with them. This is why Big Tech censors what it considers to be wrong, in nearly all cases conservative political thinking. The leftists skillfully used this inherent weakness in American culture for their own advantage.

Since the 1930’s, for example, the Left has been overtaking our public schools and universities. Education is completely in the hands of the Left. This means that the youth are being corrupted by leftist ideas every day. No one can stop them because of freedom of speech and of the press. They have also seized control of the media of all kinds, thereby indoctrinating with leftism people sitting in front of their screens at home and on their computers. They have seized the rich, the super-rich, and the Wall Street elites. They have politicized the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. They seem to have even convinced the post office to do their bidding.

Since most leftists are atheists or at least religion-less, they favor socialism, which is the natural consequence of atheism. The State automatically becomes the highest entity, the all-embracing Good. This is why the Left is practically fanatical in regard to their leftist ideas, since they direct all of the natural religiosity in man toward the leftist State which they see as a paradise. Leftism is a religion for them, with sacrosanct dogmas and “morals” which cannot be denied by conservatives under pain of being beaten up.

My point is that the cherished freedoms of the Bill of Rights will serve to destroy America, since they render her powerless in front of her enemies (freedom of speech and freedom of the press) and blind to the possibility of objective truths, even about the natural law (freedom from religion, a direct consequence of freedom of religion).

The inevitable march toward the Antichrist. Although I was very hopeful, with reasonable cause, of a Trump victory, I have always had in the back of my mind during these past months that we are on a long march toward the Antichrist, who is predicted, and who therefore must come.

The Biden victory, if it materializes, would be certainly a big step in the preparation of his coming. The Antichrist is not a bullet which we can dodge, and we must always be prepared for those dark days.

Even if the President is able to overcome the treachery of his adversaries in the ballot counting, and win this election, I fear that the Blue Wave, with all its power which I described, will ultimately prevail, and will pave the way toward the Antichrist. For in addition to all of the forces which I mentioned above, the leftists have in their arsenal the Novus Ordo religion, what appears to be the Roman Catholic Church, personified in the person of the communist, globalist, climate-fanatic, notorious heretic, and probable atheist Jorge Bergoglio. [3]

Not a cheerful earful. Father Cekada, as he lay dying in the hospital with only a day or two to live, hardly able to speak, nonetheless told Bishop Dolan that he had given the nurse that day “a cheerful earful.” There could have been nothing more quintessentially Cekada-esque. Even at the doors of death he remained optimistic and humorous.

My blog post, however, has not been a cheerful earful. It should not be read by those suffering from clinical depression. Nonetheless, we must be realistic about the times we live in and the forces we are up against.

Our help is in the name of the Lord, the psalm says.

[1] It was discovered that the glitches, which in all cases gave Republican votes to Democrats, were caused by the same software known as Dominion Voting Systems, which uses components manufactured in Communist China. In no case was it reported that the reverse was true, namely that Democrat votes were given to Republicans. Shall we assign this constancy to mere coincidence? In 2014, this company donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to the Washington Post.

[2] She recently tweeted: “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.” Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist tweeted: “Any R[epublican] now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow [sic] the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” she tweeted. “We have a list.” Leftists do not believe in freedom of speech.

[3] The U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Conference funded organizations which promoted the election of Biden. Both Biden and Harris are radically in favor of killing innocent babies. The only conclusion is that the U.S. Bishops are also in favor of killing innocent babies. Is anyone still going to call this group of scoundrels the Catholic hierarchy?

Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness

This was the title of an instruction given by the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights, in which white people were segregated — yes, segregated — from other races in order to learn how to be less white. They were told that whites feel superior to other races, and that this sense makes them incapable of acting in a humane way toward other races.

How do whites do these dastardly things? By having ideas such as perfectionism, comfort, objectivity, individualism, and intellectualization. The white people were told that they had to let go of such racial barriers as comfort, physical safety, social status, and relationships with some other white people.

Mentally balanced people regard perfectionism, comfort, objectivity, individualism, and intellectualization as good things. Lunatics, psychotics, dimwits, and sickos think that these things are bad. The conclusion is that the City of Seattle is governed by lunatics, psychotics, dimwits, and sickos.

Furthermore, to “accuse” white people of these “defects” is a gross insult to black people. It is as if to say that African Americans are incapable of the pursuit of perfection and of comforts in life, of being objective, of self-reliance, and of being intellectual. This sounds like something you would hear at a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan. Yet is this not what Seattle is saying to its white employees? They are saying that if you cultivate these qualities, you are going to make African Americans feel downtrodden because they do not have these qualities. What an insult!

Thoughts on Impeachment

The recent decision to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump is a very troubling historical event.

The reason is that the government of the United States, in pursuing this path, is showing the telltale signs of decline, which will eventually lead to its downfall.

The strength of the United States of America, over the nearly 250 years of its existence, has been the stability of its government on the one hand, and the civility of its citizens, on the other. Both of these qualities are remarkable, given the fact that it is a federation of many states, covering a vast territory, and a people consisting of many differing cultures, backgrounds, races, and religions.

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Communist America

Just when you thought that you heard everything, a new shock came to light in July. America magazine, the publication of the Jesuit order in the United States, actually published an article advocating communism — yes, communism. The title of the article is: “The Catholic Case for Communism.”

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Judging the Judge Part II


As a result of my recent blog posting, entitled “Judging the Judge,” I received a good deal of complimentary comments, but was inundated by very critical comments.

I would like to answer those who criticized what I said. First I will give some explanations of things that may have been unclear.

In moral theology there are certain reflex principles which are used in order to resolve a doubt. In the case of two testimonies which are contradictory, i.e., “he said, she said,” the doubt is resolved, all things being equal, by taking the word of the superior. Judge Kavanaugh is the superior in this case, not because he is a man, but because he is a federal judge, and a very renowned one at that. He has stronger credibility, according to this moral principle, than his opponent.

I say “all things being equal,” since it is possible that the word of an inferior could be more credible than that of a superior, for various reasons. But when both seem credible, presumption must be made in favor of the superior. Perhaps my critics disagree with this principle, but nonetheless it is Catholic moral theology.

By saying that the immoral actions of a seventeen year old, especially while drunk, should not affect his qualifications later in life, should not be taken as an absolution or a condonation of the immoral behavior of teenagers. It is simply to say: if he repents of his immoral actions, and if this repentance is accompanied by the amendment of his moral habits, these actions should not disqualify him in the future from responsible and honorable positions in society. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux said “Penance is second innocence.” There is the outstanding example, as well, of Saint Augustine, who led a morally dissolute life as a young man, but who converted from it and went on to become a great saint and one of the greatest doctors of the Church.

It is a mortal sin to get drunk. Inebriation, however, does reduce the culpability of a sin, inasmuch as the excessive alcohol impairs the use of reason, as well as moral inhibitions, with the result that people do and say things while drunk that they would never do or say while sober. This is Catholic moral theology. If you do not accept this, your argument is with both Catholic moral theology and even common sense, because everyone knows that this is true.

I do not believe, however, that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty of the aggressive behavior of which he is accused, because I do not find the testimony of Dr. Ford to be credible, owing especially to the many memory lapses concerning the circumstances of the event.

This is my conclusion. It was also the conclusion of the FBI. Others may find her credible. I do not impose my conclusion on them, and they should not impose their conclusion on me.

But this is exactly what my critics did. I received about thirty hate emails, many of them interspersed with vulgar and filthy language, such as the S-word and the F-word, but nearly all of them accusing me of condoning sin, of being a child abuser, of being non-Catholic, and of other horrid things. One of them said, “You are a pig, Bishop.” Another said, “How many young boys have you f****d?” These were not isolated cases. Only two of the thirty emails that I received were civil and balanced, although they expressed disagreement.

First, let me say that attacking your opponent with anger, hate, insult, and filth does much to detract from your credibility. People who are confident of their positions are able to defend them with rational arguments, not F-words.

Second, to express my opinion about the credibility of Dr. Ford’s testimony, or that of any witness, is entirely my right, and I should not be harassed or preyed upon by Leftists who disagree with me. Abusive language and false accusations are themselves a form of violence.

The Leftists have turned their political views into religious dogma, and they are ready to burn at the stake anyone who disagrees with them.

Judging the Judge


The recent weeks have been dominated ad nauseam by the accusations against Judge Kavanaugh. Here I will give my reflections on this case and provide some moral principles.

In the first place, I have no knowledge of the judge’s political views, and am quite indifferent regarding his approval. Although he comes highly recommended in conservative circles, the fact that liberal neocon George W. Bush supports his nomination is disquieting. On the other hand, the hatred that the Leftists have for him is reassuring.

What is of particular concern is the manner in which he is being accused.

In the first place, I found Dr. Ford’s testimony against him to be very unreliable and inconsistent. The prosecutor who interrogated her published these inconsistencies in a report to the Senate.

Secondly, I find it hard to believe that she would have said nothing about the incident to anyone for thirty-six years.

Be these things as they may, what should we think about Judge Kavanaugh?

Moral theology — indeed the law of God — requires us to not think any evil of him beyond what is evident. If there is insufficient evidence to make a certain judgement of guilt, then we must hold him guiltless. If there is sufficient evidence to cause suspicion of guilt, then we may lawfully suspect him. To think evil of someone without sufficient evidence is a sin of rash judgement, and it is a mortal sin if the matter is serious. This matter is certainly serious.

In this case, however, it is Judge Kavanaugh’s word against Dr. Ford’s word. Moral law requires us, in that parity of contradictory testimony, to take the word of the superior, which in this case would be that of Judge Kavanaugh.

Furthermore, the testimony of Dr. Ford is weakened severely by the fact that she was not cross-examined. The purpose of cross-examination is precisely to test the truthfulness of the witness. Cross-examination by a good lawyer would have demonstrated the many contradictions in Dr. Ford’s testimony, as reported by the prosecutor who questioned her.

As well, it is a general principle in both civil law and moral law that the accused has the right to face his accuser. This right was denied to Judge Kavanaugh.

The fact that the Leftist senators kept the information secret until the last minute also seriously taints the integrity and honesty of the senators who oppose Judge Kavanaugh. For if they had really believed the information to be true, it is of such a nature that it should have been brought forth immediately.

I therefore conclude that Dr. Ford’s testimony should be discounted for all of the reasons I have stated above.

Even if, however, one should accept Dr. Ford’s testimony as true, I do not believe that the qualifications of any human being should include actions which he or she performed when seventeen years old. Teenagers do many imprudent, foolish, stupid, and sinful things, but in many or even most cases they recover from these bad actions or habits and act like responsible adults. Furthermore, what the judge is accused of is not even a complete act. It was not a rape. Even as it is reported, the prosecutor said that it is not actionable even from the point of view of prosecution as a crime. Furthermore, Judge Kavanaugh is supposed to have performed this act while drunk, according to his accuser, which would reduce culpability, if the incident did indeed occur.

If Judge Kavanaugh had done something like this in more mature years, then I would say that there would be reason to block his nomination.

I would like to find out from both the accuser and from the senators some of their activities during their teenage years.

What is most lamentable about the whole matter is the absolutely deplorable manner in which these hearings took place, with no regard for the most fundamental rules of evidence, or even of human decency.