The Reason Why America Became Decadent

What happened? How did this country decay? How, in one person’s lifetime, did America descend from being a nation, if not Catholic, at least one which abided by the natural law in most cases, which had a sane and decent culture and way of life, and an abhorrence of socialism and communism?

There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason lies within its own principles.

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There has been much talk about censorship recently, and the conservative side has taken a strong position against it.

In reality, however, censorship of error is not only good, but necessary. Governments which defended traditional morals and ways of life always used censorship to repress the leftist, socialist, and communist propaganda. This was especially true in the nineteenth century.

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January 6th

Much ado was made by the leftists about the events of January 6th of last year. They shuddered for indignation. What a terrible crime that the Right committed!

Let it be said first that it was not at all a good idea that the demonstrators enter the Capitol building. It was far worse that some of them actually stole things that belonged to the members of Congress. Such acts did absolutely no good for the cause of protesting the probable election fraud that took place in November. Indeed, the whole event played into the hands of the Left.

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The Church and Politics

In recent issues of the Seminary newsletter, I commented on the political situation in our country; in doing so I was careful to point out that these were my thoughts merely as a private American citizen.

Although the Church favors the union of Church and State, and actually condemns the separation of the two, nonetheless Church and State are two distinct entities each of which has its own object of activity and its own ends. The Church exists to further the eternal salvation of the human race. The State exists to further the temporal good of its subjects. But since man’s body and soul are united, so also Church and State should be united, each, however, respecting the other’s proper sphere of activity.

For this reason, the Church should be silent about what concerns purely national policy, such as taxation, tariffs, health insurance, etc., whether or not its prelates agree with the prudence of these measures.

The Church should aid the State in whatever way it can, for example, by the operation of schools and charitable organizations. The Church also helps the State by maintaining a high standard of morality among the citizens, which is the strength of any nation. (For this reason, the filth of the Novus Ordo clergy is a flagrant scandal of bad example and of the corruption of the morality of the people).

The State should be of assistance to the Church by not interfering in its internal affairs, and permitting it to accomplish its work with ease.

The only time that the Church needs to address politics is if there is a question of morality. If the civil law is permitting actions which are seriously immoral, then something must be said publicly. For example, Cardinal Faulhaber, during the 1930’s in Germany, publicly denounced the Third Reich’s policy of sterilizing people who were mentally or physically disabled. He was successful in overturning this policy.

So the Catholic Church today should be condemning abortion, birth control, unnatural sex acts, pornography, socialism, euthanasia, divorce, and many other moral aberrations of modern life.

These condemnations should be unceasing, until the immorality disappears. If there were a truly Catholic episcopate, none of these deviations from truth and morality would survive with the public approval of law.

The Novus Ordo clergy, however, on the whole have taken a very blasé attitude toward these moral irregularities. The result is that we have a nation in severe moral decline, which, historically, leads to conquest by one’s enemies. St. Augustine said that the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire was the immorality of its population.

So maybe we should start learning Chinese.