January 6th

Much ado was made by the leftists about the events of January 6th of last year. They shuddered for indignation. What a terrible crime that the Right committed!

Let it be said first that it was not at all a good idea that the demonstrators enter the Capitol building. It was far worse that some of them actually stole things that belonged to the members of Congress. Such acts did absolutely no good for the cause of protesting the probable election fraud that took place in November. Indeed, the whole event played into the hands of the Left.

But the indignation of the Left is very misplaced. The leftists should realize that they came to power, historically, by insurrections, coups d’état, and breaching the security of government buildings. They would have to deny their whole past in order to avoid hypocrisy in their outrage over January 6th. The Left is so marked by similar outrages that it would be appropriate to call their political
past “insurrection city” or “coup d’état city.”

First let us describe leftism. It is very simple: leftism is socialism.

Socialism is a system which was born in the late eighteenth century, but which gained traction in the nineteenth. It became popular because of the Industrial Revolution, in which entrepreneurs were cruel and uncaring in regard to their employees. So the workers joined together in labor unions and looked to socialist theories in order to solve their problems.

Thus Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto in 1848.

Socialism from its inception was and still is atheistic. It extols humanity as its god. Its fundamental principle is that everyone is absolutely equal (hence the term “comrade” for everyone).

Because everyone is equal, socialism will not recognize any society or authority other than the State. Consequently the State becomes massive and all-powerful. It regards all members of the family as equals. There is no head of the house to whom the others are subject. Nor will it recognize the Church. It permits businesses to function, but in the more extreme forms of socialism, the State becomes the universal employer. In less extreme forms, it permits business to have a certain autonomy, but with oppressive regulation by the State.

The socialist State touts freedom for anything that amounts to godless hedonism: fornication, adultery, sodomy, birth control, abortion, transgenderism, fornicatory cohabitation, divorce. It convinces its populations that they are “free” because they are free to be as dirty as they please in whatever way they please.

On the other hand, the socialist State is ironfisted when it comes to enforcing its policies which equalize everyone: heavy taxation of the middle class, indoctrination of its hedonistic policies in the schools, legalization of transgenderism, criminalization of those opposed to hedonistic doctrines and policies, oppressive regulations in private business, and so forth. The recent absurdity in Oregon, where 2 + 2 = 5, is another lunatical attempt of the State to impose equality. Why? Because, as they say, they want to make people of color feel equal. Whiteness is racism. Getting the right answer is racism. In Virginia, there is talk that the public schools will no longer give grades. This is to keep everyone feeling equal.

The socialistic State cannot function unless it keeps everyone equal. So it must quickly suppress any idea of inequality, whether in intelligence or achievement. Socialism also needs class struggle in order to survive. It is for this reason that it is pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT). It pits whites against blacks.

The coronavirus pandemic, which, as we have learned from recently published emails, was nearly certainly manufactured, and not from nature, gave the socialist State a wonderful opportunity for a dictatorial and domineering conformity lesson for the whole population.

Who are the leftists? The leftists are composed mostly of monied elites who are in white-collar professions requiring degrees from liberal universities, as well as of the lower classes, people on welfare or low-paying jobs, who are convinced that their lot will improve by getting on the socialist bandwagon.

Although the monied elites have bleeding hearts for the “oppressed” lower classes, they do not live in the neighborhoods of the “oppressed” lower classes. They live in beautiful homes with expensive cars, which they have paid for with money made off of capitalism. If a member of the “oppressed” were seen on the sidewalk of their chic and glitzy neighborhoods, they would probably call the defunded police. They salve their consciences, disturbed by being rich, through favoring socialism, which they think will take care of the “oppressed.” Yet when taxes are raised on them, they scream.

The roots of leftism. The remote roots of leftism are in protestantism. This heresy generated individualism in the social order, since it eliminated the authority of the Church, as well as the priesthood, and substituted the individual as having
an autonomy in religious matters.

This individualism led quickly to liberalism, which sees all of the citizens of a nation as absolute equals. Everyone is a free individual in the social and political orders, just as he is in the religious order. Liberalism holds that no one may constrain another to do anything which he does not want to do.

Realizing that such an idea would lead to social chaos, John Locke (1632-1704) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) concocted the notion of the social contract, in which the majority of the population is sovereign. The government simply must do what the majority desires. So while other individuals cannot constrain you, the State, representing the general will, can constrain you. And you should be happy, knowing that you are conforming yourself to the will of the sovereign people. In so doing you are “free.”

We can see from these ideas the easy step to socialism.

Catholic political philosophy. Catholic theologians teach that political power does not reside with the people, but with the persons endowed with authority in the State. They teach that it pertains to the people to make a constitution, in order to determine how they will be ruled, and it pertains to the people to determine who shall rule, that is, the process of election and designation. Catholic doctrine teaches, however, that political power — sovereignty — does not lie with the people. It is given by God to whoever is legitimately designated to rule. The Church is indifferent as to form of government, i.e., whether it be monarchy, republic, or democracy. Catholic doctrine and philosophy also teach that the family is the primary unit of society, and that the government exists for the family, and not vice-versa. The government should be both minimal and local, that is, it should not constrain its citizens in anything that is not necessary for the common good, and should leave the citizens to their individual choices in whatever rightly pertains to due freedoms. Catholic philosophy also teaches that government should be decentralized as much as possible, leaving to the local government most of the power.

How the Left came to power. Let us return to our original point. As I said, the Left exists today in the political and social order thanks to insurrections, revolutions, street fighting, violence, and coups d’état. The first among these rapes of the political and social order was that of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), who led an armed insurrection against the legitimate king of England, Charles I (1600-1649), whose head he chopped off. He then established an authoritarian dictatorship. Next was the so-called “Glorious Revolution” of 1688, in which the legitimate king of England, James II (1633-1701), was deposed by means of an insurrection. An illegitimate successor, William of Orange (1650-1702), was put in his place. William had led a revolt in Holland against the legitimate rulers of that region, namely the kings of Spain.

But these were only hors d’oeuvres in comparison to the French Revolution. It started with the breach of the Bastille, a building already shut down by Louis XVI (1754-1793) and inhabited only by a few insane persons. But it was a symbol of the government. Then there was the breach of the Palace of Versailles, where Swiss Guards were murdered by the invading crowd, the royal family fearing for their lives. Then in 1792, there was the breach of the Palace of the Tuileries, where more Swiss Guards were murdered and mutilated in an unmentionable manner. Again the royal family feared for their lives. From there they were brought to prison, and eventually unjustly executed.

The nineteenth century saw one leftist insurrection after another. It started with the leftist Napoleon’s coup to become First Consul, then Emperor. He was deposed after his defeat in Russia. He tried again, however, in 1814, by overthrowing Louis XVIII in an armed insurrection, which was successful until Waterloo. From 1815 to 1848, there were leftist and communist insurrections and breaches of government buildings all over Europe. Emperor Napoleon III (1808-1873) came to power in 1851 as a result of a coup d’état. In Paris in 1871, there was a communist insurrection. Then there was the socialist insurrection in 1905 in St. Petersburg. At the end of World War I, there were socialist and communist insurrections and coups in all the defeated nations. Then there was the ultimate leftist insurrection known as the Russian Revolution. Nazism and Italian fascism were both socialist insurrections. (After all, Nazism is National Socialism). Then after World War II there was the communist (Maoist) insurrection in China, which practices genocide and is the darling of the Biden junta.

The Left had no cardiac arrests caused by indignation over these historical popular revolts. To the contrary, many of the insurrections have been “canonized” by public monuments or public holidays. Bastille Day in France is a notable example. The Left does not gasp for breath over these insurrections, as they do in the case of the January 6th events. It is as if the Left had a history of being law-abiding citizens. But the truth is that were it not for the success of their revolutionary and insurrectionist tactics, there would be no Left.

So I think that the Left is hypocritical in their indignation over January 6th. Are they not also hypocritical in their flouting of the very Covid rules with which they oppress the masses?

This hypocrisy is present because socialism creates a money-based and power-based elite, an aristocracy, which is completely above the law and which has nothing but contempt for the people whom they rule.

It is ironic that a country such as ours, which was founded precisely to avoid aristocracy and overbearing government, should end up with an aristocracy and an overbearing government.