“Correctio Filialis”


At long last, the world of Novus Ordo conservatives has come to grips with reality, at least to a certain extent. I am referring to the Filial Correction concerning Propagated Heresies which was sent to Bergoglio this past summer, and publicized a few weeks ago.

It accuses Bergoglio, in a rather long-winded document, of having promulgated heresies in Amoris Lætitia, the notorious encyclical which authorizes both fornication and adultery. The Latin title of this encyclical means “The Joy of Love,” but many sarcastically refer to it as “The Joy of Adultery.”

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Anti-Modernist Reader


Dear fellow Catholics,

I draw your attention today to a project which is important for a better understanding of the Church’s struggle with the Modernist heresy since Vatican II.

True Restoration, which is the entity that has diffused throughout the entire world, through an internet radio show, a wealth of both information concerning our Faith and poignant critiques concerning the Modernists, wants to publish something called the Anti-Modernist Reader. Continue reading