Anti-Modernist Reader


Dear fellow Catholics,

I draw your attention today to a project which is important for a better understanding of the Church’s struggle with the Modernist heresy since Vatican II.

True Restoration, which is the entity that has diffused throughout the entire world, through an internet radio show, a wealth of both information concerning our Faith and poignant critiques concerning the Modernists, wants to publish something called the Anti-Modernist Reader.

This will be a four-volume set of books which contain the many articles written By Bishop Daniel Dolan, Father Anthony Cekada, and myself over the past thirty-five years. The three of us have been fighting Modernism since the 1960’s. We were forced to become students of this synthesis of all heresies, as Saint Pius X called it. Since Modernism is a many-headed hydra, all three of us have addressed and answered, each in his own specialty, the unceasing attacks which this heresy has made upon our holy Faith. We have attacked the heresy not only in its Novus Ordo strongholds, but also in the camps of certain traditionalists, who seek a false peace with this monster, and lure many unsuspecting good Catholics into its devouring jaws.

This four-volume set will prove to be an invaluable and ready reference for any Catholic, whether priest, religious, or lay person, who wants to educate himself in regard to the proper way to think and act toward Modernists.

True Restoration proposes to publish Volume One, which contains articles concerning the Pope and the papacy, perhaps the hottest and most controverted of all of the issues we have faced since Vatican II. True Restoration  is looking for donations in order to cover the expense of printing the book. I wholeheartedly recommend that you make a donation to this project, which will prove to be a landmark publication in this spiritual war of now fifty years upon the enemies of the Cross of Christ.

For more information, go to this site:



3 thoughts on “Anti-Modernist Reader

  1. Publish it on Amazon’s Create Space – no donations needed. Fast – Effective – all 4 volumes available immediately. Why wait?


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