Pride Month

Last month we had to endure the so called “Pride Month” in which persons who are addicted to the sin of sodomy, or who are inclined to it, take pride in what is a serious disorder.

The inclination to perform unnatural sex acts is a serious disorder because it provides a penchant in someone to perform, and indeed become addicted to, very serious mortal sins.

That these acts are contrary to nature is obvious to all, even to the leftists. It is as clear as day that all of the biological structure of the sexual organs is designed for the generation of children. Anyone who denies this is either incredibly stupid, or worse, intellectually dishonest.

All nature operates on the basis of act and potency. To be in act, or to have act means that you have some perfection that is communicable to something else. But the something else must be able to receive the perfection.

For example, a wood sculptor has in his mind the idea of a statue. He has the skill in his hands by which to transfer this idea into wood. This is act. Nonetheless, he needs something passive which will receive his act. This is the wood. The wood is in potency to receive act from the sculptor. He could not, for example, sculpt steel, for it has no potency to receive his act.

All creation is composed of act and potency. All causation involves act and potency. It is a distinction which is stamped upon all nature.

Likewise in generative acts there is an active principle — the male — and a potential principle — the female.

Consequently nature dictates that male and female come together in the generative act.

This natural attraction of male to female and female to male is seen, in an analogical sense, in hardware (nuts and bolts), electrical couplings, electronic and audio hook-ups, and plumbing connections. Imagine using male with male and female with female in these applications. It would be laughable, even mentally sick, to even suggest it.

Yet we are all expected to celebrate this disorder. Just as you see shamrocks in March in honor of Saint Patrick, and bunny rabbits in honor of Easter, so you see rainbow flags in honor of the unnatural disorder. It is “celebrated” just like any other holiday, but about a sin which invites God’s devastating punishment on the nation that celebrates it.

Did you ever notice, at Christmas time, that the Christmas decorations in public places, such as airports, display absolutely nothing religious concerning the very nature of the feast, which is the birth of Christ? Yet they do display menorahs, which are religious symbols for the Jews, who deny the divinity of Christ, and who repudiate Christmas. Why do the Jews get a religious symbol for their feast, whereas it is denied to those who do accept Christ’s divinity? The very term Christmas is religious, and indeed Catholic, meaning “Christ-Mass.” Oddly, it is a national holiday, but you are not permitted to say anything about the reason for the day off.

But no such symbols of dissent are permitted in Pride Month. If you are against the celebration of unnatural sex acts, you are termed a “bigot.” It is placed in the same category as being racist.

And why do not the sadomasochists have their Pride Month? Or the coprophiliacs? [1]

There is a much deeper error in Pride Month than simply a concession to human weakness. For underneath this disordered attraction is a repudiation of the natural law. The natural law is divine law, inasmuch as God is the Author of Nature. He has endowed all creation with laws by which each category of creation, whether mineral, vegetal, animal, or human, has an order of operation by which it glorifies God.

The mineral world operates by physical laws which are constant and predictable. The same is true for plant life, although it acts in a higher manner in regard to these laws. The animals are endowed with their instinct, which is merely the programming of laws into their brains and nervous systems. But human beings, endowed with intellects and will, are given rational laws which they must freely elect to obey. Of all the creatures of earth, God is glorified most by the obedience of His rational creatures. We must remember that the sole purpose of all creation is the manifestation of the glory of God. If someone seriously acts contrary to His law, and therefore His glory, he becomes a useless creature.

Just as we toss our useless items into a trash can, so will God toss such persons, if they should die unrepentant, into the eternal trash can of everlasting fire.

It is one thing to disobey the law of God, it is another thing to repudiate the law of God. By repudiating His law, you are essentially telling God to “go to hell.”

To take pride in a repudiation of God’s law is a sin against the Holy Ghost, that is, the refusal of truth known as truth. For no one in his right mind could sincerely convince himself that unnatural sex acts are in accordance with nature.

And this is why the Left delights so much in promoting the sodomitic agenda. They know very well that these are unnatural acts. They promote the LGBTQ agenda, however, precisely because they are atheists and subjectivists, and want to see the last remnants of God’s law in society obliterated. The leftists, more than the sodomites themselves, want to tell God to go to hell. They also understand that by promoting the moral legitimacy of these unnatural sex acts, they guarantee for themselves the freedom to disobey the natural law as they please.

[1] Persons who are sexually attracted to excrement. I wonder what the decorations in the airport would look like during their Pride Month? While someone might object that I am being extreme in this example, I respond this: Once you step out of the natural law, and glorify unnatural acts and unnatural attractions, you then open the door to anyone’s attraction, no matter how outlandish it may seem. Abandonment of the natural law = moral chaos.