Abortion, or the cold-blooded murdering of innocent babies by their mothers, is another example of sin which has roots much deeper that what appears.

While in most cases people object to abortion because it is murder, which is correct, they fail to see the deeper moral roots.

Human beings are not animals. It is true that we share certain faculties with the animals, such as sensitivity, but our bodies are nonetheless united to immaterial and immortal souls.

The proof of this is man’s ability to know the essences of things, that is, to abstract from the sensible world and know what lies underneath, that is, why something is what it is.

Furthermore, man is capable of knowing utterly immaterial things, such as justice, mercy, mathematics, logic, love, and many many other things which are not material. In fact, it is the possession of immaterial things, such as love, which makes human beings happy, and their loss causes great stress and sadness, as in the case of divorce. In fact, matrimony itself is an immaterial thing, yet very real. Think of what people spend on wedding receptions, celebrating an immaterial bond.

Because we are immaterial beings, primarily, our generation requires an act of creation on God’s part. Our immaterial soul does not come from our parents, but directly from God. For it is impossible that material generation produce anything but matter. Human beings simply provide, by their generative acts, the matter that is disposed to receive an immortal soul from God.

Hence, human generation is called procreation, that is, a participation in God’s act of creation. The child created in conception is primarily and foremost God’s child, since it is God who provides what makes the child a human being, and not some other animal.

Hence abortion is not merely murder. It is to thwart the work of God in the creation of a human being. It is a heinous crime which cries to heaven for vengeance. And this is done by none other than the mother, whose every instinct, placed in her by God, is to protect and nurture her baby, rather than kill it.

Hence the greater sin in abortion is not the taking of an innocent life, but the purposeful undoing of God’s plan in creation. In effect, it is to kill God’s child.

Just as in the case of sodomitic acts, there is in abortion the original sin of Adam, in claiming to be the ultimate judge of what is good and what is evil. Even more deeply, abortion is a participation in the very first sin of creation, that of the devil, which was an envy of God’s power and majesty. “Ye shall be like gods,” the devil said to Adam and Eve, “having the knowledge of good and evil.” In other words , you decide whether or not to have your baby, not God. You are the one to be pleased, not God. You exist for yourself and not for God.

Sodomy and abortion go hand in hand, having roots in the same original sin, both of man and of the devil.

Birth control. Many anti-abortionists are very much in favor of artificial birth control as a means of stopping abortion. Yet, in so doing, they are promoting all the logic that leads to abortion. For if I am empowered to make a choice as to whether a generative act will lead to a conception or not, then why would I not have the right to decide about the product of the conception, meaning the conceived child in the womb?

In other words, if I can be pro-choice about conceiving a baby, then what stops me from being pro-choice about having the baby? If I, and not God, decide about whether or not a conception should take place, then why can I not decide about the baby itself?

Artificial birth control reduces human beings to the level of animals, inasmuch as it does not recognize the role of God in the generative act. It does not give God the opportunity to decide about the creation of a child, but arrogates to itself that choice. Birth control is pro-choice. It creates all the logic and mentality of abortion.

When two persons engage in acts which are apt to generation, they have already made their choice. They have already implicitly consented to the conception of a child with an immortal soul. They have already engaged God’s creative act. The time for choices is over. It is God who makes the choice.

Leftists are almost always godless people who think that we have descended from gorillas, and are no different from animals. They logically conclude that aborting a child is no different from the abortion of a litter of kittens or puppies. If the animals are inconvenient for you, then get rid of them. If a child is inconvenient for you, then get rid of it. Very logical.

Since the leftists consider us to be animals, they are hedonists. This means, effectively, that “if it feels good, then do it.” They believe in no objective morality. Pleasure is the dictator of what is right and wrong, and pleasure may vary from person to person. Hence for them sodomy is just one more way of feeling pleasure. So go ahead. Leftists, however, are extremely dogmatic. Their “openness” and “tolerance” disappear whenever someone attacks their liberal ideology. They adhere to these “dogmas” with the same force with which we adhere to our Catholic dogmas. When their dogmas are denied, they respond with intolerance, fierceness, and brutality.

The problem of the Right. Those who adhere to the political right wing are, unfortunately, to a certain extent tainted by liberal ideas. While they are in favor of “traditional morality” in many respects, they do not realize that they have adopted many left-wing ideas which fan the flames of the leftist agenda.

For example, most people who regard themselves as “conservatives” think nothing of practicing artificial birth control. They even promote it as an alternative to abortion. But as we have seen, it contains all of the logic which leads to abortion.

Conservatives are not exempt from the ravages of so-called “women’s liberation” which has torn women from the home and placed them in professions and business. Children need the stability of the home with a mother and father. Their psychological balance depends on this stability.

Many conservative anti-abortionists make exceptions, in the case of abortion, for conceptions resulting from rape or incest. They fail to see that abortion is intrinsically evil, which means that it is evil in all cases,
without exception. If you make a single exception to something which is intrinsically, that is, by its very nature, evil, then you destroy your whole argument, and reduce abortion to something merely circumstantially evil, that is, evil in certain cases, but not all.

Women’s liberation has also caused a grave disorder in the home, where the wife claims an equal authority with that of the husband, which makes for an impossible living condition. The result is either a domineering battle-ax wife with an obsequious, mealy-mouthed husband, giving the wrong signals to the children regarding femininity and masculinity, or divorce, where the husband cannot take it any more, and the family breaks up. The United States is the most fatherless country in the world. Nearly all of the shootings in schools have been done by children from broken and fatherless homes. This is true of the most recent one in Texas. Instead of outlawing guns, they should outlaw divorce.

Often those on the Right will be infected with liberalism when it comes to sodomitic marriages. A perfect example is Donald Trump.

One thing you can say for the Left is that it is consistent. You cannot say this of the Right, and as a result the Right often gives logical ammunition to the Left.