26 out of 27


Of the twenty-seven deadliest mass shootings in the United States, going back to 1966, twenty-six were perpetrated by persons who had fatherless homes. In other words, it is not guns that are the problem. It is divorce which is the problem.

When parents divorce, the big losers are the children. The adults manage to get over their grief as time passes, but the children, in most cases, are permanently damaged. There is something in them that understands that they are the product of the love and union between their parents. When that love and union disappears, they feel cheated and wronged.

This feeling, which they may not even express, leads to a deep-seated anger in them. Obviously not all the children of divorce become shooters, but the statistic is so high with regard to those who do become shooters, that it cannot be ignored.

In order that a young person take out his frustrations with life by shooting up innocent people, he must be very seriously troubled inside. These youths do not come from stable and normal families. Their trouble stems from the home itself.

So instead of banning guns, why not ban divorce?

While these shootings are indeed horrifying, they do not account for the principal cause of the deaths of young people. In 2015, 2,333 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 235,845 were treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. In that same year there were 2,372 teen suicides.

Statistics vary, but it is clear that the biggest of teens is not the gun but the automobile and their own hand.

If we follow the logic of the “gun-grabbers,” as they are called, it is the automobile that should first be grabbed. For not only do these teens kill themselves in these crashes, but also kill others through reckless, drunken, or distracted driving. The total number of people killed in teen-driver accidents in 2015 was 4,689.

Yet no one ever thinks of taking the keys away from teenagers. The reason for all of the bloodletting among teenage drivers is lack of discipline in the home, the plague of society since the 1960’s.

So mass shootings, from the point of view of teen deaths, takes very much the back seat in regard to teen automobile deaths and suicides. Yet all of these could be prevented by order and discipline in the home.

According to liberal logic, cell phones ought to be grabbed as well, as these are the cause of many accidents.

That responsible citizens be armed is a healthy thing. Indeed many of these slaughters could have been prevented if more people had been carrying guns. I am of the opinion, however, that the semi-automatic weapons should be restricted and sold only to persons who are sane, mature, and law-abiding citizens. To me it is wrong that any eighteen year old could, without previous ascertainment of his mental and moral stability, legally purchase such a gun.

That said, I must add that the problem in admitting any kind of gun control makes an argument for the Liberals to take away all guns. They are fanatical in this regard. By being radical, the Liberals defeat their own goals, since the Right knows that the admission of a single compromise on gun control means opening the door to the confiscation of all guns, owing to the unrelenting mania of the Liberals.

6 thoughts on “26 out of 27

  1. Couldn’t agree more – absolutely spot on commentary in every respect but unfortunately, such “uncomfortable truths” are simply not up for discussion amongst the liberal left who prefer to put straw-man arguments up instead.
    As for the gun issue – again, I agree but of course if *all* were banned in the US, how would Hollywood make half their films that focus on “action heroes” that use them with abandon…?


  2. Yes, yes, and yes. I would add several additional points to this most excellent analysis.

    First, enforce the gun laws that are already on the books. If gun laws worked, then Chicago would be the safest city in the United States. And then we have: Someone saw something; someone said something; and the FBI and local law enforcement did nothing!

    Second, it would be the ultimate hypocrisy to tell 18 year olds they are too immature to buy certain weapons (semi-automatic rifles) and then draft them into the armed forces and hand them even more powerful weapons than what can be purchased in the civilian world.

    Third, perhaps we should look at the relationship between SSRIs (and other anti-depressants) and these mass shootings. This is being carefully obscured by the pharmaceutical industry and by the media. The correlation here may be 27/27 but he data is hidden.

    Fourth, the US government is making things much worse with “Fast and Furious,” with the redefinition and removal of 500,000 felons from the “may not legally purchase a gun” data bank and with the Federal program that essentially ignores crimes committed by students.

    It is no solution to use our freedoms (the 1st A) to destroy our freedoms (2nd A).


  3. Excellent logic as usual from Bp Sanborn. I believe it adds salt to the wounds when these boys see their divorced Mothers dating new men. I think it increases their hurt and anger.


  4. Divorce is so wrong, Our Lord is always right. Personally, I think voting drinking and driving, besides buying guns, should require all to be at least 21. It’s scary to think of 16 year olds driving cars – and no way should 18 year olds vote.


  5. Excellent – and shows the state of our mass media that I never came across this statistic anywhere else. I showed this article to someone who hit back with the reply ”No, it is down to Prozac, all the shooters were on Prozac”. That may be, but WHY were they on Prozac? The answer of course is that family breakdown and societal breakdown generally, are all the result of the liberal disease.

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