6 thoughts on “Response to Bishop Williamson

  1. Thank-you Bishop Sanborn for helping to dispose of the SSPX and Resistance false teaching on the Ordinary Magisterium. This false doctrine goes against the infallibility of the Ordinary Magisterium so beautifully explained and defined at Vatican I, as Bishop Sanborn has taught here. This false doctrine is still being promoted, and SSPX and Resistance still (in effect) believe that the Church can err on faith and morals, despite the basic catechetical truth to the contrary. Their unauthorized “explanation” of these catechism questions, in the end, leads one to conclude the very opposite of what is stated. If those men in the Vatican are members of the Catholic Church as they falsely claim, then who would deny that the Church has erred in her teaching of faith or morals? Only someone who is not listening to what is going on. If the younger generation believe the Church can err, then how will they obey the true hierarchy who will restore all things in Christ? How will they know truth? Truly we must maintain the belief that the Holy Ghost guides the Church, and that therefore the “Church of Rome” is not the Catholic Church but an impostor Church. We hope and pray, the true Church will soon be resurrected, while we remain at the foot of the cross among the jeering mob crucifying our Church, let us teach our children to love her infallible doctrine and her hierarchical structure given to us by God, so that all things will be restored in Christ. Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!


  2. It makes so much sense…so much so, that I cannot begin to understand why SSPX don’t understand it…! The only answer that I can see, is that they are manipulated into believing other wise…


    • Exactly Gisele! There is a whole series of myths to explain their rejection of these truths. Fr Cekada explained them in one of his videos. “The Pope is just a bad Dad…” and so forth. The Pope holds an office which he can lose through heresy. If the Church taught a heretic could be Pope, we would have to live with it; but the Church teaches the exact opposite, that through professing a heresy you are cut off from the Church and cannot hold any office in the Church. Even the Scriptures speak of it in St Paul’s epistle to Titus chapter 3 which states that a heretic is “condemned by his own judgement”. We have all the teaching we need to see the truth. Soon the wrath of God will catch up with these men destroying the Church. We must not profess unity with them in any way or have any part with them, and especially not during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the SSPX and Resistance do. How will they explain this unity with heretics when even St Thomas Aquinas says that heretics may not be named during the holy canon of the Mass! There is truly no excuse. One of the main problems in the SSPX is that the priests and faithful refer to the opinions of Archbishop Lefebvre for the final word on these issues, without looking to what the Church Herself has said throughout the ages through her canon law, her Doctors of the Church, her saints, her ordinary magisterial teaching and even just in the catechism (which says that by rejecting an article of faith we become heretics). Wake up SSPXers and accept the faith. Archbishop Lefebvre may have done some good things, but he is not infallible – the teachings of Holy Mother Church are infallible and those are what will lead us to God. Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us


  3. Thank you, Your Excellency. That we folks don’t just give up and go to the local Novus Ordo or SSPX when we are suffering terrible isolation and exile seems to have no impact on the ‘reasoning’ of the aforementioned. St Athanasius understood.


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